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Fumio returns to Futaba, Fukushima for the second time.
Fumio's second visit to the Town of Futaba, Fukushima prefecture in April 2016. The Town has been designated as evacuation zone since March 2011. Originally a poor farming town, it once prospered thanks to the ill-fated nuclear plant. Its history is one of Fumio's main inspirations. The video was a part of Fumio's research for his current reportage Graphic Novel, over the aftermath of the triple disasters in Japan back in 2011.

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Fukushima - Nuclear Village by Takayuki Inaba


Tale of a stonemason in Fukushima
Fumio has met many interesting individuals while researching on his reportage comic and one of them is a stonemason in the town of Futaba. He is also an amateur photographer archiving numerous photos of the evacuation zone while working in the area. His name is Takayuki Inaba and he granted Fumio to use his photographs. Some of his photographs are published as a Kindle book available on Amazon.

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The German version of Just So Happens ‘Irgendwo zu Hause’ is coming out in July 2016.
Just So Happens is now in 7 different languages and out in 8 countries. That includes UK, France, Italy, Taiwan, Spain, United States, Serbia and Germany. Available for purchase in English from the following online stores: Amazon UK - The Guadrian Bookshop - Penguin Books

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24 hour comics anthology 24 By 7 is nominated for the prestige Eisner Prize 2016.
This anthology compiles 24 hour comics produced by 7 different artists during 2014’s Lakes International Comics Art Festival (LICAF) in Kendal, Cambria, UK. The book includes Fumio’s short story, Anywhere Road. 24 By 7 is published by Fanfare and it features an amazing line up of artists.

Eisner Awards info


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Airport- Collaboration with Opposite The Alley (Emma Evans)
Fumio has put out a 10 page short story 'Spreading' in June 2016. It is an independent press release under the title 'Airport', with the fellow comic artist Emma Evans who runs the press Opposite The Alley. It will be available on their website shortly, also in various independent press venues.

Opposite The Alley


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Acclaimed Comic anthology 'Save Our Souls' to feature Fumio's reportage of the aftermath of 2011’s tsunami.
Save Our Souls is an ambitious anthology specialising in journalism and reportages in comic book format created by comic artist David Ziggy Greene. It features some big names such as Chris Riddle and Jonathan Edwards

Save Our Souls



'Un thé pour Yumiko' est la BD RTL du mois de mars.
'Un thé pour Yumiko', The French version of Fumio's latest graphic novel, Just So Happens, has been chosen as French radio RTL's comic book of the month

Link to full review



Pénélope Bagieu reviews Fumio's latest novel (French) for


Link to full review



Just So Happens reviews

Fumio's latest graphic novel, Just So Happens, has been reviewed by both The Guardian and The Observer newspapers in the UK. Just So Happens also won graphic novel of the month with the Observer Newspaper along the way. Links and review snippets below.


"Obata – an artist and animator who, like Yumiko, was born in Japan but lives in Britain – explores high-rises, bullet trains, fish bars, pagodas, side streets and mountains as he charts her return" ... "The result is a beautiful and observant graphic novel" James Smart (The Guardian)
Read the full Guardian review here


"Japanese exile Obata's delicate, intimate graphic novel explores the dead weight of parental expectation and the conflict of belonging" ... "I like his elegant, understated drawings, which hint at the manga stories he must have read as a boy. Bullet trains, Shinto temples, shopping malls, sushi restaurants: he does them all beautifully. His storytelling, too, is crazily accomplished, flashback deployed with great care". Rachel Cooke (The Observer)
Read the full Observer review here


Comic book Festival in Bastia, Corsica (3rd-6th April)
Fumio: "Following the publication of my latest book with Jonathan Cape, I'm also taking a part for the festival of Bande Desinee in Bastia, Corsica. Between 3rd -6th April. A bunch of the UK talents are invited and I'm afraid I'm the least known. Hope I don't make a fool of myself. My image is underneath the famous Ben Newman's Prof. Astro Cat' the Flying eyes book. I'm totally honoured!"

Group exhibition in the Kyoto International Manga Museum
Fumio's work will be shown for the first time in Japan! From 15th March to 25th May, at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. Fumio: "It's a group exhibition about French comic book artist who work with kurasiki ehon-kan, as I happen to too. The artists include jose parrondo Jerome Boulbes Freddy Nadolny Poustochkine A-li-ce and Gaelle Duhaze . I'm so honoured to be presented by these amazing talents from France. I'm indeed the odd one in the basket, as the exhibition is about the French comic art and I'm Japanese based in the UK, but please don't go into that. The original pages from 'L'incyable histoire de la sauce soja' will be exhibited and some of my charcoal drawings too. I hope to get hold of some photos for the exhibiton and put them up in here."

Kyoto International Manga Museum


Fumio Obata Interview
A short Q&A from Fumio's publisher, Jonathan Cape Graphic Novels. "We’re reviving our Q&A series with this one from Fumio Obata, author of Just So Happens. Fumio Obata is a comic book author whose work and inspiration come from cultural differences and social issues in his surroundings."
Read the full Q&A here


Just So Happens

UK book release

Fumio’s latest graphic novel ‘Just So Happens‘ will be available in general bookstores in the UK from 13th February 2014.

Un the pour Yumiko

The French version of ‘Just So Happens’ will be published by Gallimard BD in April 2014.The title is ‘Un the pour Yumiko’.

University of Gloucestershire
Fumio now lectures two days a week for BA Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire.
"Our Illustration course is all about drawing stories. Visual storytelling is given special emphasis because it links to so many aspects of illustration production, eg the graphic novel, children's books, storyboards and animation, but we also focus on drawn ideas which form a key part of many areas within the wider creative industry, such as game art and digital visualisation".

University of Gloucestershire


Kyoto International Manga Museum

Kyoto International Manga museum
Fumio is joining a group exhibition ‘The Nouvelle B D Exhibition’ at the Kyoto International Manga museum in Japan, which opens from 15th March until 25th May.
Kyoto International Manga Museum

Forestcentre +
Fumio joined the artist studio at Forestcentre + in Argyle House in Edinburgh.

Forestcentre +

- 2nd issue of KUE(9) magazine to which Fumio contributed 6 pages is now available in Japan.

- Check out Fumio’s on-going autobiographical comic shorts for Kyoto Journal.

NHS Lothian Fumio Obata- The second comic book collaboration with NHS Lothian is nearly confirmed.
In the meantime, check out Fumio's fist NHS commission, A comic book adaption real-life account of drug addiction, imprisonment, and recovery. Commissioned by NHS Lothian, and distributed to addicts in prison.

Ott The Digger

- Fumio’s latest graphic novel for Jonathan Cape now due out in January 2014.