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With this latest graphic novel (with Jonathan Cape, January 2014), Fumio’s style of drawing and techniques started to change. He hopes to finalise and cement his style as a commercial illustrator




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The Quake News from Elsewhere

internazionale fukushima continued...

Evolved from a commission by the Italian magazine Internazionale, to do comic reportages over the aftermath of the 2011’s tsunami disaster and the subsequent nuclear accident in Fukushima. This is the latest and biggest Graphic Novel that Fumio Obata has ever undertaken and the research so far has taken him over 4 years. Among hours of audio interviews and numerous photographs he took, he currently tries to tell a story which questions human’s relationship with nature. How does a natural disaster change our values?

Fumio is almost finished gathering all his research and will spend the remainder of 2016 finishing the strip( full colour). The project will be a Graphic Novel easily exceeding 200 pages. It would potentially be controversial due to the unknown factors surrounding the real effect of the radioactive contamination. He hopes to publish the graphic novel with his publisher Jonathan cape in 2018.

Follow Fumio's 'The Quake News from Elsewhere' updates at his Tumbler site to follow his progress and see more gallleries like the Rebuilding Hearts Gallery below.



Featured Project

internazionale fukushima

Fumio: "This is a series of comic journalism for the Italian magazine Internazionale. The concept is like receiving a postcard from different places around the world. I am pleased that they asked me to do one as the previous artists who participated it are quite well-known folks. The story is a spin off version of my Japan's earthquake-March 2011 tale, which is the new project I am working on. Internazionale asked me to do two more pages following this as I have just made my trip back to Japan and worked as a volunteer around Fukushima area. I am going to make a long story out of it. There is so much to tell..."


Quake News From Elsewhere

the background story...

Fumio first started writing and illustrating his thoughts about Fukushima in the after-math of the disaster, setting up a blog in the process titled 'Quake News From Elsewhere'.